Cision Ranks PRNewser #1 PR Blog

We rarely toot our own horn here at PRNewser, but we are thrilled to be ranked as the number one PR blog according to media relations software company Cision.

From a post on their Navigator blog, the company says that the top 10 list was, “generated by comparing Unique Visitors per Month figures for blogs in Cision’s media database, giving you a snapshot of some of the best read and most discussed blogs.”

We’re honored to be among such worthy thought leaders in the industry. Here is the top ten.

Top 10 Public Relations Blogs
1. PRNewser
2. Press Pass
4. PRoactive
5. The Buzz Bin
6. Micro Persuasion
7. PR Squared
8. Grok Dot Com
9. A Shel of My Former Self
10. The Bad Pitch Blog