Cisco Says They Will Add WiFi & FaceTime Support to the Flip Video Camera. Is That Enough to Save It?

Some people predicted that the iPhone 3GS and its video recording capability would end sales of Cisco’s Flip digital video cameras. I was not among those predicting the Flip’s demise. However, I must admit that while I still see Flip cameras for sale, I haven’t actually seen anyone use one in a long time. Cisco hasn’t given up on the Flip according to Computerworld, however.
Cisco and video: Wi-Fi for Flip, end to Flash debacle, video client for App Store
A Cisco executive, Marthin De Beer, is quoted as saying that new Flip products will include WiFI and, somehow, support for Apple’s FaceTime video calling. But, is that enough to preserve Flip sales?
I haven’t used the Flip video camera lying around here somewhere even though I think its video is at least as good as or better than any of my smartphones. And, its audio recording quality is definitely better than audio recording alongside the video on my smartphones. So, if quality alone is not enough to convince me to carry a dedicated video recorder, what is?