CircleBack Contact Manager Launches on iOS

The app analyzes email and social network contact lists, highlighting changes and discrepancies (as necessary).


A new app from CircleBack aims to bring organization to your contact list by using artificial intelligence to monitor and update your address book, keeping it clean from duplicates, up-to-date with workplace changes and more. The iOS application can be used to manage contacts from one’s own device, as well as major email and social networks (Facebook, Yahoo, Twitter,, Hotmail and Gmail).

Once users begin with the app, contacts are analyzed for redundancies, conflicting info, missing emails and more. When the initial analyzation has been completed, users can merge duplicate contacts, update job titles, workplaces and more, one contact at a time (so only the user has the final say), via hubs on the app’s dashboard.

CircleBack offers business card scanning and email signature analyzation for quickly adding new contacts to the CircleBack address book, and the developer says the app’s contact updates become smarter, the longer the app is used.

In a statement, Manoj Ramnani, CEO of CircleBack, commented on the app’s goal:

The real truth about contact management is that most people just don’t take the time to organize their address books. Using artificial intelligence, we’ve developed an intelligent, all-in-one solution to make contact management easier and more efficient.

CircleBack is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store. An Android version is planned for launch later this year.