Cintas Is Turning ‘Good Riddance Day’ Into Gold

Today is Good Riddance Day, when you can talk all the detritus from 2011 and bid it adieu in preparation for 2012.

Cintas is making the most of the holiday. The company offers, among other office services, cleaning and document management aid. Today, the company has set up a massive shredder in NYC’s Times Square to grind up any bad rubbish that folks are wanting to forget with help from the Times Square Alliance. Head over between noon and 1 p.m. to take part and possibly win an iPad.

And if you swing by, you may have the chance to meet the winner of the company’s Good Riddance Day Contest. Kathleen Selman has traveled from Tampa, FL for the festivities. Her prize also includes five nights in the city, a trip to see the New Year’s Eve ball, and passes to a number of attractions. (A second grand prize winning company was also announced.)

Talk about turning trash into treasure.

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