Cingular Changes Web Site to AT&T

cingularatt.jpgJust yesterday, we were on Cingular’s Web site checking out their media offerings. Today, everything is different.

RCR Wireless News is reporting that AT&T, in its continuing transition away from the Cingular brand, just revamped into an AT&T branded Web site.

This is all amusing, considering that we watched the exact opposite happen four years ago, when we woke up one morning in 2003 to find that the word “Cingular” replaced “AT&T Wireless” on our cellphone screens.

Meanwhile, AT&T still isn’t done. For example, their Web site calls their music service the “AT&T Mobile Music Center,” but when you click on it, the next page still calls it the Cingular Music Store. We also wonder how that whole sign changing thing is going.

The transition rolls on: Cingular site now AT&T [RCR Wireless News]