The Cindy Crawford Reveal That Wasn’t

Collective social media cheer undone by theft and fakery.

Photographer John Russo today works and plays a long way from Ventnor, N.J. But as far as that famous “leaked” photo of Cindy Crawford from a 2013 December Marie Claire cover shoot is concerned, he wants everybody to know that it merits a good old-fashioned home state “fuggedaboutit.” The photo, Russo says, was stolen and digitally altered.

We really hope TMZ follows up its report about Russo’s cease-and-desist letter with an interview of the person(s) who engineered this upside-down Photoshop fakery. Are we talking exasperated housewife? A couple of high school kids? George Clooney, rocking another prank?

In retrospect, it’s a little preposterous that so many believed the brutal shot of the 49-year-old Crawford was authentic. Yes, she’s probably gained a few wrinkles here and there, but nothing like what was shown.

On Russo’s behalf, UK law firm Johnsons has targeted a media outlet in England, where laws covering this sort of thing are much stricter. The Telegraph Media Group was asked not only to remove the image from all outlets but also issue a “categoric clarification and apology.”
[Photo of Crawford at Los Angeles County Museum of Art Art+Film Gala November 2014: Jaguar PS/]