Cinderella Story: Complete Quests to Unravel a Story on Facebook

cinderella story 650

If you’ve ever wanted to be like Cinderella, it’s likely the royal carriage and “happily ever after” you’re looking for, rather than chores. However, Cinderella Story on Facebook hopes to make those chores fun by introducing gamers to a variety of characters and quests to complete. Starting in the Royal Kitchen in the palace, players will learn to cook recipes, and yes, even clean, before moving onto other locations and duties.

In Cinderella Story, players are presented with side-scrolling environments and plenty of garbage and debris littering every floor. These items can be cleared using rechargeable energy, and they provide a variety of collectibles that can be used later on. These items may be used in general in-game collections, or can be used in crafting recipes to complete quests or earn coins.

cinderella story 650

As users complete quests and collect coins, they can customize their environments with new pieces of furniture, including chairs, lamps, glassware and more. Some items cost premium currency, which can be purchased with real money. Players can also customize their avatar, purchasing hats or masks, new shoes, dresses or pants, among other items.

For social features, players can visit their friends’ games and clear items from their floors for additional collectibles. Users are encouraged to join the game’s Guild, which unlocks access to more friends, and in theory, more free gifts from those neighbors over time. Using the Guild, gamers can add other players as in-game friends, without adding them as Facebook friends (and losing their privacy).

Cinderella Story is available to play for free on Facebook, and has over 100,000 players.