Cincinnati Museum Follows Renzo Piano’s Greening and Charles Young Talks About Landing MoCA’s Top Job

Speaking of museums, in some miscellaneous news, it looks like Renzo Piano might have launched a new trend with his much discussed new building for the California Academy of Sciences. The Cincinnati Museum Center is in need of a new roof and has decided to take a page from Piano’s work, as well as countless others sprouting up across the country (pun only accidentally intended), by putting plans in place to install a completely green rooftop. So will this be the first of many museums that go green up top any time a new roof is needed? Even if it isn’t done out of any ecological concern, some notice must be being taken that the Cincinnati museum is hoping to save 30% off of its annual $900,000 energy bill.

And in part two of this quickie museum roundup, here’s a piece from the LA Times about the new CEO of Los Angeles’ troubled Museum of Contemporary Art, Charles E. Young, as you’ll remember we reported on just the other day. Eli Broad may have given the museum a fairly hands off $30 million dollar donation, but his one string attached was that they take on Young as their lead, to help get things back on track. Here’s a bit about the call that landed him the job:

“It must be about three weeks ago or four weeks ago that Eli called me at home — I had just come back from New York — and asked me if I’d heard about what was going on at MOCA,” Young said in an interview the day after Christmas. “He said, ‘If MOCA accepts my offer, I think you’re the person they need to do this.’

“I thought, ‘This is kind of strange…'”