Radar Online Has Today’s Scientology Bombshell

Radar Online assistant managing editor Jen Heger got her hands on a lawsuit filed against the Church of Scientology by 1991-2004 member Laura Ann DeCrescenzo. The most explosive accusation contained in the litigation is the plaintiff’s claim that she was forced, while working for the Church in California at age 17, to get an abortion.

Per Heger’s report:

“Defendants forced plaintiff to have an abortion by threatening plaintiff with losing her job, housing, and losing her husband if she did not have an abortion,” the documents allege. “Further, defendants threatened that upon losing her job, Plaintiff would owe defendants a ‘Freeloader Debt,’ which is a supposed debt that Plaintiff would owe Defendants for purported Scientology training and services.”

Another portion of DeCrescenzo’s lawsuit alleges that at one point during her service with the organization’s Rehabilitation Force Proect (RFP), she was “instructed to clean a large trash dumpster with a toothbrush.” The lawsuit, originally filed in 2009, has a status conference scheduled for tomorrow (July 18). Read the full Radar Online article here.

Update – 07/18/12: Village Voice editor Tony Ortega, who’s been tracking this story (like so many other Scientology ones) since the very beginning, spoke via telephone with DeCrescenzo to get the latest update about her long-gestating and potentially landmark case against the church.