Church or Sunday Morning Talk Shows: A Tough Call

Columnist David Gibson, a Politics Daily columnist who is recovering from leg surgery, continued the dialogue today on “Pastor Brit” as he refers to Brit Hume, former Fox News Washington Bureau Chief.

Unlike much of the vitriol that has been written about Hume’s advice for Tiger Woods (ditch Buddhism, take up Christianity), Gibson offers a more tempered approach. He see it from a Buddhist point of view. He tries to understand Hume’s vantage point — the newsman lost a son to suicide in 1998 and “reconnected with his faith in a serious way.”

Gibson insists he, too is torn on Sunday mornings being both a political junkie and an avid churchgoer.

“But thanks to Brit Hume and “Fox News Sunday,” he wrote, “we didn’t have to choose. On yesterday’s program the panelists were discussing predictions for the coming year and when talk turned to Tiger Woods, Hume weighed in with some serious preachifying.”

Read Gibson’s story.