Church of Scientology Opens Massive New Printing Facility

Say what you will about the Church of Scientology. But business for the “fastest growing religion on earth” appears to be booming in a way that should be the envy of any and all executives trying to figure out how to salvage a waning traditional print media model.

Per the Church’s latest press release, the organization has opened a 185,000 square foot International Dissemination and Distribution Center in Los Angeles (pictured). Think of it basically as the biggest Kinko’s ever.

The anchor of the printing plant is a custom-built 121-ton web press. Among other materials, it prints Church magazines in 15 languages, with a global circulation of millions. The press accommodates these diverse needs with the capability to automatically switch print jobs from one language to another. It prints at a rate of 55,000 pages per hour.

There’s a companion five-minute video on YouTube showcasing the sparkling new facility, which also has the capability to address 150,000 pieces every eight hours, package ship 500,000 items per week and handle the manufacturing of custom uniforms.

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