Church Or Beer: What Do Americans Tweet About More? [INFOGRAPHIC]

In honor of the Fourth of July, took a look at the red, white and blue preferences of the different regions within America. Specifically, they wanted to see what was more popular across this great nation: church or beer. examined 10 million tweets tagged with a location within the US sent between June 22 and June 28, filtering out everything except tweets mentioning “church” or “beer”.

They found a total of 17,686 tweet mentioning “church” (half of which were sent on a Sunday) and 14,405 tweets mentioning “beer”. Digging further into the data, the team analyzed which term was more popular in each state.

Below is the visual representation of the great debate (?) between beer and church – which side does your state land on? Click to enlarge the map:

You can clearly see a pattern emerge that divides the North and South on the East Coast. It seems that Tweeters in the South are much more into tweeting about – if not going to – church, while those in the North prefer a nice cold one.

But it’s San Francisco that takes the cake for the most “Beer” tweets total, with Boston coming in a close second. And Dallas, Texas has the most “Church”-containing tweets of any state in the country. notes that the tweets about church aren’t necessarily spiritual in nature. The most common type of church-tweet was simply a report of being at a specific church (and even ousting the Mayor of a certain church on FourSquare).

To really visualize the different beer- and church-loving regions, the team created another map of Twitter chatter, this time representing US counties where the neighboring county also had a high number of church or beer tweets.

This more clearly illustrates the North-South divide on the East Coast, which notes resembles the 200, 2004 and 2008 election map.

So how does your state fare? Are you part of the beer- or church-tweeting group? Let us know in the comments below.

(Beer image via Shutterstock)