Chukong Technologies Announces Cocos Services Initiative to Help Mobile Developers

Cocos2d-xChukong Technologies has today announced its partnerships with Chartboost, Kochava, PlayFab, Scientific Revenue and Vungle to create the Cocos Services Initiative. Cocos Services will be offered alongside the company’s Cocos2d-x game engine, giving mobile developers access to a full suite of helpful services, through a single platform. The Cocos2d-x game engine has been used by over 400,000 developers around the world, including Zynga, Big Fish and Wooga.

With this new initiative and list of partners, mobile developers will now have a “one-stop shop” for building, distributing, monetizing and analyzing their games, in a unified experience. The Cocos2d-x game engine is open-source and free for developers to use, and will be optimized to work with the technology from each of these Cocos Services partners.

Chartboost will provide services that help developers find new players and monetize their games. The company first partnered with Chukong Technologies in July 2014. Kochava, meanwhile, focuses on mobile attribution analytics and real-time visualization of (and optimization based on) advertising campaign data.

PlayFab is a game operations platform that offers a suite of tools for building and managing games. This includes services for profile management, multiplayer services and matchmaking, in-game commerce and marketplaces, server operations and more.

Scientific Revenue offers a pricing engine for mobile in-app purchases. Using its real-time segmentation and machine-learning technologies, the company optimizes end-user pricing on a per-user or per-segment basis. Finally, Vungle is a major player in the video advertising space.

“Cocos Services fills the growing need for developers to integrate the technologies they need to make their games successful with the least amount of difficulty,” said Lei Zhang, US general manager for Chukong Technologies, in a statement. “Our partners represent the finest service providers in each of their fields, and Cocos Services has made access to these industry-leading technologies easier than ever.”

Chukong plans to add additional technology partners to the platform in the future. Check out the company’s website for more.