Chuck Todd Loses Sleep, Blames Journolist

Journalists out there, do you toss and turn at night, fretting over the fate of journalism?
Obviously, there’s much to worry about. Online news has upended the industry, ads don’t go for as much as they used to and newspapers across the country have forced to cut costs (people) in an effort to stay alive. It’s understandable if you worry, but that’s not what NBC News White House Correspondent Chuck Todd agonizes about at night.
Todd frets about Journolist, the listserve created by Washington Post blogger Ezra Klein so liberal bloggers and commentators could discuss the world and every other thought that comes to mind (as if they needed another outlet). Of course conservatives have used this as proof of the liberal media controlling the message, and while some discerning facts came out about the list, I ain’t losing sleep over it. Todd is.
“This has kept me up nights,” laments Todd to Politico. “I try to be fair. It’s very depressing.”
Poor, poor, Todd, but I hear there’s a pill for that problem. And maybe he should worry less about Journolist and more about Fox News’s dominance in the television news ratings. Anyone else losing sleep over the fate of your industry because of Journolist?