Chuck Todd: Elizabeth ‘Should have Been the Candidate’

With the death of Elizabeth Edwards, wife of former Sen. John Edwards (D-N.C.), MSNBC anchors are hailing her as the politician in the family over her husband.

“I’d interview him and l’d look into his eyes and I’d say I don’t see anything there,” said “Hardball” Host Chris Matthews, who used words like “cute” and “superficial” to describe John Edwards.

“Daily Rundown” Host Chuck Todd was even more adamant, saying Elizabeth Edwards should have been the candidate and wondered if anyone would ever really get to know John Edwards. “Frankly, she, frankly, she should have been the candidate,” said Todd. She had the passion, she had the principles, she had the belief, she had the spine, she had the ambition frankly. …She had all the attributes of a successful politician.”

Ultimately Kelly O’Donnell shut Matthews down about discussing John Edwards. “It’s not about him today,” she said. “It’s not about him today.” He thanked her for the reminder.