Chuck Todd Discusses ‘Media Matters’ Report on Sunday Show Diversity

On Tuesday, "Meet the Press" moderator, Chuck Todd, responded to a report by progressive media watchdog group, Media Matters, that investigated diversity within the five major Sunday morning political talk-shows in 2014

On Tuesday, “Meet the Press” moderator, Chuck Todd, responded to a report by progressive media watchdog group, Media Matters, that investigated diversity within the five major Sunday morning political talk-shows in 2014.

The report found that among the five shows, guest lineups were “overwhelmingly dominated” by white men, however, one show stood out for its effort to curb this trend.

Although 54 percent of its guests were white men, a number that is “high relative to the overall population,” “Meet the Press” has seen a seven percent drop in white male guests since Todd took over for David Gregory in September — a “notable improvement.”

“We’re a 21st century political news show. Politics is defined more and more — some political debates and political disagreements are defined sometimes a lot more on gender, on race, on ethnicity, on religion,” Todd told Media Matters. “It’s hard to be a political show and not reflect that reality.”

7% is also the measure by which the guest lineup for Todd’s “Meet the Press” is more statistically diverse than both CNN’s State of the Union and ABC’s This Week; while possessing an even larger discrepancy between it and Fox’s Fox News Sunday/CBS’ Face the Nation —  at 10%.

Diversity, however, does not stop at race, gender, or creed for Todd. He also stressed the importance of improving geographic diversity on the show.

“I certainly am not satisfied on the geographic front,” said Todd. “The thing I want to work on even more is the non-Washington voices. Part of it is sometimes the debates are here so sometimes there’s not a lot you can do about that. I certainly think as the presidential campaign heats up it is definitely more important for us to have that geographic diversity.”

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