Chuck Palahniuk Seeks ‘Subversive and Slyly Promotional’ Book Logo

Having penned an armful of best-selling novels with covers conjured by Rodrigo Corral, writer Chuck Palahniuk is no stranger to good design. Doubleday has once again corralled Rodrigo for the cover of Palahniuk’s newest novel, Pygmy, due out May 5, but the cult author is holding a competition to design a logo and sticker for the book. (Thanks to GalleyCat, our bookish brother blog, for the heads up.)

Your design brief, should you choose to accept it? Think “The Manchurian Candidate meets South Park.” More specifically, the novel is about “a group of adolescent agents from an unspecified country not unlike North Korea who, disguised as foreign exchange students, enter the U.S. with the intent of infiltrating typical American families and eventually unleashing a terrorist act which they have called Operation Havoc.” So dust off those sinister typefaces that wink at the Cold War, check out a couple of sample chapters, and get to work. The top three “subversive and slyly promotional” designs win cash and stickers that may well live in infamy. Need further inspiration? Click “continued” to watch the official Pymgy trailer.