Chuck Cordray On Hearst’s Digital Initiatives


FishbowlNY emailed Chuck Cordray, VP and General Manager, Hearst Magazines Digital Media on their new initiatives. In addition to distribution deals with Lifetime TV and Hearst-Argyle’s digital multimedia efforts, yesterday Hearst magazines announced a deal to distribute their content via Next TV.

FishbowlNY: How important is translating Hearst magazine readers onto Hearst’s digital platforms?

”Chuck Cordray, VP and general manager, Hearst Magazines Digital Media: The Digital Media audience is largely very new. Although we see incredible opportunities for overlap between the magazines and the Web sites, the two audiences do not overlap as one would assume. However, we have definitely worked on driving traffic from the print publication to the Web and vice versa by leveraging innovative programs and other campaigns including online video, sweepstakes, archived content and much more.”

FishbowlNY: Cathie Black recently said on the Diane Rehm show that she spends 20 to 30 percent of her time on the digital side of things. Was she involved in this?

”Chuck Cordray: Cathie has played an integral role in building out the Digital Media division and continues to be involved on a regular basis with overall strategy from a content perspective. She continues to work hand in hand with Digital Media executives to ensure the ongoing success of the group.”

(image via pbs)