Orange County Journalist Crashes Church of Scientology Event

Two notable things occurred this weekend when OC Weekly blogger Josh Dulaney decided to check out the opening of a new Church of Scientology facility in downtown Santa Ana – without the benefit of an official media invite.

Firstly, after he was denied entrance, the Church took advantage of the opportunity to beef up their local reporter intel:

I was told that a representative would speak with me, which turned out to be their thinly disguised effort to finally put a photo of me on their files. While I spoke with a lady who didn’t want her name in the story, a portly f*ck-of-a-man decided to stand several feet away and snap photos of the most handsome reporter in Santa Ana. I smoked my cigarette and stared directly into the lens.

Secondly, and this is perhaps where the Church goofed, Dulaney had no choice after being thwarted but to hang out with some nearby protesters. Alarmingly, one of the picketers told Dulaney that he was asked for ID by a police officer after a Chuch official at a nearby Starbucks pointed him out as “one of them.” Read the full blog item here.