Chrysler Keeps Detroit Tagline Rolling

First it was a commercial. Now, Chrysler’s “Imported From Detroit” campaign, which aired during the Super Bowl, is moving into merchandise.

Advertising Age writes about the company’s plan to launch a related line of merchandise in the coming weeks based around the commercial and its momentum. The plan, according to the story, includes a dealer kit that makes “dealers around America feel like Detroit embassies,” said Joe Staples, creative director for Wieden, which made the Super Bowl ad.

“Imported From Detroit” is tied to Chrysler’s goal of bringing import buyers to its 200 and 2011 Chrysler 300 sedans, the story says. And as for the pick of celebrity, the spot featured Eminem because of his “own hard-luck story,” the story says. It quotes Saad Chehab, head of Chrysler brand communications, saying Eminem “symbolizes the city’s history, its stumble and recovery,” and pointing out the campaign’s message as “you no longer have to cross oceans to get what you can have from these shores.”

And yes, as the Wall Street Journal reports, there are t-shirts. They sell for $29.95, although the site says they’re currently sold out.

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