Chronology: Osao Games’ Time-Traveling Puzzle Platformer Comes to iOS

Chronology 650After releasing on Steam in May, Osao Games’ Chronology has been released on iPhone and iPad devices. The steampunk-themed, time-traveling puzzle platformer has been “improved and remastered” for this mobile release, and sees players following an inventor and his companion snail as they complete levels by twisting time around them.

Players begin as “the Old Inventor,” a man with no memory, who finds himself in a familiar land, but far into the future. Specifically, this is a time period set after the “end of the world,” as mankind once knew it. Players soon come across a time-traveling device in the form of a ticking clock. Using this, players can instantly switch back and forth between this desolate future world and the lively world of “before.” Meanwhile, the inventor’s helpful snail can stop time altogether. The game asks players to help the duo repair the universe’s timeline and fix what has gone wrong, as the inventor regains his memory along the way.

In each level of Chronology, players use a d-pad on the left side of the screen to move, and buttons on the right side to interact with key items, jump or switch time between “before” and “after.” As a platformer, players will do lots of running and jumping to clear obstacles, and will often need to switch back and forth between time periods to clear certain areas.

For instance, scaling a cliff may only be possible in the future, when large plants have grown near the cliff that serve as jumping platforms. Elsewhere, players may need to travel to the past to access electronics that have long since failed by the time the future rolled around. Puzzles start out simple, and become more complex as players progress.

Once players unlock the snail (a few levels in), they’ll have the ability to swap between the two characters, moving the snail to locations the inventor can’t reach (by sticking to the sides of walls, or hanging upside down from platforms, as examples). In many instances, players will need to move the snail in such a way as to open a path for the inventor to progress, and stop time to halt moving platforms, gears, and so on. Instead of focusing on moving both characters through the level, the focus is on the inventor’s progression, as players can instantly warp the snail to the inventor’s location when they’e separated.

Chronology is free to download and try on iOS, with the first three levels of the game available at no cost. Five additional (and longer) levels are available for a one-time in-app purchase of $2.99. Additional chapters are planned for release in this mobile version at a later date.