Chronicling Each Step of Making a ‘Good’ Design Book

Christopher Simmons, writer, professor, former AIGA chapter president, and principle at the San Francisco-based design firm, MINE, was kind enough to drop us a line letting us know about a nifty project he’s in the thick of right now: writing a book. Tentatively titled The Good Design Book, it will be published by HOW next year and will focus on, as the title implies, using design in positive ways, things that make the world better for one. All the better is that Simmons has decided to launch a blog about the whole book writing and designing process from start to finish. It’s still early, so there aren’t a ton of posts yet, but it seems like a great thing to keep bookmarked and check in each Friday for the regular, scheduled weekly update. Also, Christopher let us know that he’s currently on the hunt for examples to use in the book, work to show of that he can highlight as good design. “It’s not a competition, there’s no cost to submit work,” he says. “We’re simply looking for the most compelling examples of good design that also does good.” Have something that fits that bill? Here’s your chance to get included in a new book, so as to show your parents and make them proud of you.