Chronicles of Merlin from China’s Koramgame Brings Freemium Fantasy Strategy to iOS

Launched three months ago on the App Store, Chronicles of Merlin is a fantasy-themed iOS strategy title from Koramgame, a Hong Kong developer and Western-oriented subsidiary of Beijing-based Kunlun. It is based on the browser-based version of Chronicles of Merlin, also a free-to-play title.

In Chronicles of Merlin, players vie for the conquest of medieval England as depicted in the stories of King Arthur. They build armies, train heroes to lead them and battle the computer or other players. Gameplay unfolds in phases, with players using gold to upgrade their kingdom’s buildings.

Upgrading the city hall raises the maximum level for the rest of the player’s buildings, including the treasury and training facility. The treasury is used for collecting taxes from citizens — earned from houses built by the player — while the Tower of Trails is used to improve the skills of the player’s heroes, which represent classes such as cavaliers and archers. Items and weapons can also be purchased using gold earned through combat, or purchased in-app, that aid in combat.

Training and levelling up heroes helps the player’s armies in battle. When playing the campaign mode, players take on a series of increasingly more challenging turn-based battles. Before initiating combat, players can change their battle formation, moving pikemen to the front, archers to the rear, and so on. From there, the game calculates both sides’ chances of landing attacks and the damage they’ll do based on all the stats involved. Battles unfold in varied environments, including Sherwood Forest, Mongolia, and the Middle East.

The game is multi-player with asynchronous combat between players on the same server. Players can view the kingdoms of other players on the server and attack them for gold and resources. Along with an integrated messaging system, the game features real-time chat between specific groups or all players on the current server. Players can also join alliances of players to pool resources.

Chronicles of Merlin is free to play, but is monetized through in-app purchases of gold. Gold can be used by players to hasten training, upgrades, etc. Gold can also be converted into banners, which are required in order to do battle. Banners also replenish over time, should players choose to wait rather than make in-app purchases. Gold is available in amounts from $0.99 to $49.99.

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