7 Ways To Spot A Chronic Facebook Stalker

The surefire signs that your Facebook friend is actually a Facebook stalker.

You know the type: someone who is always showing up in comments and appears to be practically plugged in directly to Facebook. While we’ve effectively outlined all the signs of addiction, there’s a group of Facebook users that are all to themselves: Facebook stalkers. Here’s how to tell if you have one.

They Are Always Commenting On Your Posts

This is probably the first sign that you may have a Facebook stalker. While your family and close friends may be welcome commenters, there’s often someone who you barely know who always seems to comment on your posts. That individual is the person you want to watch out for. While it’s not guaranteed that they’ve crossed into stalker territory yet, there’s a good chance they may if this is combined with other signs listed below.

They Show Up At The Top Of Your Friend List

This one can be a dead giveaway. When you go to your Facebook profile and view your list of friends, who are the people that show up? Most of the time they are people who you’ve interacted with regularly, or have the most shared friends with. However if there is someone who you don’t know that well showing up in your list, you should start becoming a little more concerned, because you have experienced something that defies the laws of Facebook. Somehow there is somebody out there who stalks you so much, they have broken Facebook’s own algorithms. Beware!

You Always Receive Notifications From Them

You may never play Cityville, but for some reason you keep getting requests from someone you barely know who asking you to help them with their City. Not only is it annoying that your phone vibrates everytime you get a game request, but when you don’t even know the person, it doesn’t make much sense. My own rule is to unfriend anybody that tags me in an application if I can’t remember how I met them, but that may be a bit drastic.

They Send You Weird, Creepy Messages

Wierd and creepy is always a subjective matter, but if you’re sent a message multiple times from someone and you still aren’t responding, you can deem that individual and official “Facebook stalker”. Stalkers have little to no way of actually connecting with you but they have a desire to do so anyways despite not interacting with you in 5 or more years, if ever. However messages are only the beginning.

They Send You Strange Instant Messages

IMs are truly the primary tool for aggressive Facebook stalkers. You see, a true Facebook stalker does not only stalk one person. Instead they attempt to prey on multiple subjects until they get a response. A single IM response from you is enough motivation to keep a Facebook stalker messaging you for the next 3 months. If you’ve had this experience, then you definitely have a real-life, Facebook stalker.

Comments On Your Photos From Last Year

When someone posts something to their feed it’s acceptable to like or comment on their post, however if you’re going back to their photo archives and posting comments on an image from when they were 16, that’s a little bit weird. While we know that most people spend some time perusing their friends photo archives, the secret is not acknowledging it. When a comment shows up from many years ago, it’s a dead giveaway that you were spending a little too much time staring at them.

You Blocked Them

Ok, things have gotten a bit out of control now. Your Facebook stalker has now crossed the line into real-life stalker and it’s time to call the police before you get hurt. This creeper may now be standing outside your windows, watching you as your proceed through your day. You should also go fix your privacy settings so that this individual is now on your blocked list. If you have ever put someone on your blocked list, whoever that person was, can most definitely be classified as a real “Facebook stalker”. They just don’t know the limits of personal communication.

What other signs have you seen from Facebook stalkers?