Chrome To Windows Phone

I’ve been using the HTC HD7 running Windows Phone 7 for several weeks now, and one of the challenges is finding the apps that I use on my Nexus One for Windows Phone 7. Unfortunately, the Windows Phone Marketplace does not have nearly the same number of apps as the Android Market, so there are several gaps that need to be filled before I could make the move completely from Android to Windows Phone 7. Today I learned one of the gaps may be filled in the near future by Dave Amenta, who has released the Chrome To Windows Phone 7 app to the Windows Phone Marketplace.

If you are not familiar with it, Chrome To Phone is a handy utility that you can use to push URLs from the Google Chrome desktop web browser to Android phones. All you do to send the URL is open a page in Google Chrome then click a button to send the URL to your phone. A notification appears on the phone, which you click to open the page in the Android web browser. You can also use Chrome To Phone to send links to YouTube videos and Google Maps.

Amenta says that he submitted the app last week but that it was kicked back to him today, possibly because apps weren’t being approved during the holiday week. He provides a link to a version of the app that can be sideloaded if you have unlocked your phone using the ChevronWP7 unlocker. In the mean time I’ll be watching for the official release in the Windows Phone Marketplace.