Chrome Plug-in Wants you to Stop Shopping at Amazon

It’s the Wednesday before Christmas, and I’m sure most people have taken off for the week. If you’re still at your desk then here’s a chance for you to get the IT dept to help you play a little practical joke.

Amazon has drawn a lot of ire from brick-and-mortar stores lately mostly because of the recent price check promotion. One bookstore owner found his own unique way to respond.

Amazon, huh? is a Chrome extension created by the owner of Marcus Bookstores, a small chain in San Francisco and Oakland. After it’s installed, it quietly runs in the background until someone tries to visit A window will pop up and suggest that the user go buy from a real bookstore.

The extension is not available for Firefox or IE, so far as I can tell, and that limits the opportunities for playing the joke. And anyway, a Chrome user is probably tech savvy enough that they probably know how to remove the plug-in. But it’s still fun.

Chrome via Publishing Perspectives