Chrome Passes IE as Most Used Web Browser

Do you see that chart? It’s a sign that Apple, Opera, and even Mozilla are losing the browser wars. All that’s left as a serious competitor to Chrome is Internet Explorer. (I need a drink.)

According to the latest data from StatCounter, Chrome was showing up on a full third of the computers online during the month of July. IE came in a close second with 32%, and Firefox came in a distant third place with 23%. Safari claims a 7% market share, putting it far out of the game. And it looks like not even all Mac owners use it, because the last I heard Apple had an 8% to 11% market share.

I, for one, welcome out new Google overlords. All Hail Sergey! All Hail Sergey!

Kidding aside, Google Chrome is barely 4 years old and it is sweeping aside web browsers with a decade or more development time. That makes me wonder if perhaps Chrome is benefiting from web technology that was invented in the intervening years, which Chrome could integrate from the ground up and offer a better performance. Then again, I’ve heard many complaints about Firefox as users jumped ship.  It’s decline could be as simple as users abanoning it in frustration.

via TNW