10 Cool Chrome Extensions That Enhance The YouTube Experience

We all know that YouTube is great, but what if it could be even better? Here are 10 fun extensions for Google Chrome users that will help you make your YouTube experience all that it can be.

We all know that YouTube is great, but what if it could be even better? Here are 10 fun extensions for Google Chrome users that will help you make your YouTube experience all that it can be.

Window Expander For YouTube

Have you ever wished that you could expand a YouTube video to fit in your full browser window, without having to expand it all the way to watch in Full Screen mode? Window Expander for YouTube is a fantastic tool that enables you to watch videos in your entire browser window, so you can make it as large as you’d like while still having access to other windows and programs on your computer. As you can see from the screenshot below, I was able to watch Keyboard Cat in a larger than normal format, while still having access to Word and other programs and windows on my computer.

Turn Off the Lights

Turn Off the Lights is a simple extension that lets you focus in on a YouTube video by darkening out all the white area and text that surrounds the video. With the distractions darkened out, the developers say, “you can watch video as if you are in the cinema.” In the image below, check out ‘Surprised Kitty’ on a normal YouTube page on the left, and ‘Surprised Kitty’ in Turn Off the Lights mode on the right.


OpinionCloud is another cool Chrome Extension. This one lets you quickly gauge the amount of positive or negative response to a video. Not everyone has the time to read hundreds, or thousands, of comments on a video. OpinionCloud compiles tags and keywords to show you what kind of reaction a video is getting.

As you can see from the screenshot below, the ‘Double Rainbow Song’ has been, according to OpinionCloud, 57% positive and 43% negative. However, it looks like they may still have to iron out the kinks, as the biggest negative tag seems to be “double”, which I don’t think is a negative thing in this case.

YouTube Feed

Do you like to check out new video content from your friends and the creators you subscribe to the minute they’re uploaded? If you do then YouTube Feed is a great extension for you. When you add YouTube Feed, it creates a nifty little button on the side of your Chrome navigation bar. Clicking on it opens up your feed so you can see what videos your friends have recently uploaded, favorited, liked, and commented on. When something new pops into your feed a little notification number will pop up, and you can check it out and see if you want to watch or not.

Check out the screenshot below to see how the YouTube Feed looks. I checked it while I was playing Bubble Shooter. J

Fast YouTube Search

The Fast YouTube Search extension adds a button directly into your Chrome interface that you can click on and do a YouTube search from without having to navigate to the YouTube website first. I installed it and was looking at a cute picture of my dog on Flickr when I was reminded of a video I made of him. I used the Fast YouTube Search extension to search for the video directly from the page I was on, without wasting time navigating to YouTube first.

Auto HD for YouTube

Do you like watching YouTube videos in the highest quality and find it annoying when you have to go in and manually switch to HD every time? Auto HD for YouTube is an extension that starts playing all YouTube videos in HD automatically, if there’s an HD version, or in any other available quality that you’d like. Just install it, set up your options to let the extension know which quality you’d like to display videos in and you’re set to go.

It should be noted that the developers write on the Chrome Extensions page, “Mac users may have problems, you must wait update chrome and fix bugs because this is not a plugin bug.” I have a Mac and did have problems with this extension. However, the feedback on the extensions page is so positive that I am including this extension in our list for Windows users. Feel free to provide feedback on this extension in the comments.

Stop Autoplay for YouTube

If you’ve ever opened up several YouTube videos at once in different tabs then you know how annoying it is when they all start playing automatically and you have to go through and pause them with one hand while trying to plug your ears with the other hand. Stop Autoplay for YouTube solves this problem. The only bad thing about this extension is that apparently it does not work consistently. There are back-and-forth notes on the extension page about how YouTube broke the add-on and then it worked again, and then it stopped working. As of now it’s working fine, so I say install it and hope for the best. If it continues to work, it’s brilliant!

YouTube Music Video Lyrics

Do you like to sing along while watching and listening to your favorite songs on YouTube? If you do, the YouTube Music Video Lyrics extension is for you. When you add the extension, it adds a little icon to the Chrome interface. Click on it while watching a music video on YouTube and a window with the lyrics will drop down on the screen. Here’s a screenshot of me using the YouTube Music Video Lyrics extension to sing along while rocking out to Rihanna.

Auto Replay for YouTube

Auto Replay for YouTube is one of my favorite Chrome extensions. When you install it, a little box appears beneath videos in YouTube that you can check on to replay the video over and over and over. By clicking the + sign next to the box you can also set start and end times, to watch only a specific clip from a video again and again and again. It might make you laugh, or it might make you go insane. Give it a try and decide for yourself.

I set the ‘Sneezing Baby Panda’ video to replay 0:10 to 0:12 over and over again. That’s where the panda sneezes. I only watched for about 30 seconds before turning it off for fear of getting a headache, but I still enjoyed the experience immensely. Which video would you like to watch on repeat?

Video History for YouTube

Have you ever watched a YouTube video that you thought was so funny that you wanted to show all your friends, but when you looked in your history to find it you just couldn’t seem to remember when you watched it or what it was called? Video History for YouTube saves your browse history for YouTube, making it easy for you to go back and look through the videos you have watched. It’s a button added directly into the Chrome interface, so you can even search when you aren’t on YouTube.

In addition to your own browse history you can also view the most popular videos of the week, the month and of all time, as well as check in on your subscriptions.

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