Chrome Extension “Rather” Lets You Filter Out And Replace Any Words On Twitter

Tired of the inspirational quotes on Twitter? Miley overload? Kanye overkill?

Check out Chrome’s browser extension Rather, which lets you scan Facebook and Twitter for mentions of words or phrases you don’t care to hear about, and replace them with something else of your choosing.

Here’s how it works.

Download Rather and install it. Then start adding lists of things you don’t want to see on your social networks, like cats, babies, or Scandal. As you start typing, Rather searches for that word in its database and pulls up your options.

With any filter you set up, you can choose to replace your object of contempt with any Instagram tag or even an RSS feed (yes, it has to be one of those two). Want to see a picture of the New York City skyline instead of Kim Kardashian’s latest exploit in your Twitter feed? Totally acceptable. There’s also a Mute option to completely turn off certain keywords if you don’t want to replace them with anything.

And if you come across one of your replacement images in your Twitter feed but are curious as to what the original tweet said, just click the undo button.

You can also browse Rather’s Popular section to see what its 200,000+ users are blocking in real time. There’s also a section for Upcoming events, like Movember, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve. And one for popular replacement content if you need ideas for what to replace Ryan Gosling headshots with.

Under Services, you can even swap out tweets that link to websites you don’t like, be it Instagram, Vine, Nike+, Buzzfeed, Upworthy, and more.

Apparently Firefox, Safari, and mobile are coming soon to Rather.

(H/t TechCrunch. Old and new image via Shutterstock.)