From Glamour Magazine to God’s Work

An art director's very unusual journey.

Pivotal moments in people’s lives occur in all sorts of different settings. In the case of Christopher Murphy, that moment was a sales meeting at Glamour magazine’s offices in New York.

From a blog post by Francis Phillips, a book reviewer for U.K.’s Catholic Herald:

At the time, Murphy was working as art director for many New York agencies and major magazines such as Glamour and Self. He relates to me that during a sales meeting at Glamour “our publisher was explaining the magazine’s market for the coming year. He said that we all live for something: some live for beauty, some for fashion and others for accessories but that ultimately we all live for Glamour.”

Murphy goes on: “It hit me. I realized that I did not live for these material objects. I lived for my wife, my son and first and foremost for God. I certainly did not live for Glamour magazine! At that point I committed myself to the Lord and asked the Holy Spirit to guide me; to guide me out of doubt.” Murphy went on to study Church history, recounting that “the early Church Fathers taught me how real the Eucharist is and how the Catholic Church is the one true Church. Later that year I left Glamour and continued to pursue a life in Christ. In the spring of 2011, during the Easter Vigil, I was confirmed into the Catholic Church.”

Murphy was the art director for a graphic novel (pictured) about the life Frere Gereon Goldmann, which Phillips wrote about last week. He went on after Condé Nast to work for Catholic Lighthouse Media and last year founded 5 Stones, a non-profit marketing agency catering to Catholic churches.

Jacket cover courtesy: Ignatius Press