Christopher Hitchens Is Totally OK With You Fondling His Balls

Yes, you read that correctly.

While attending the National Book Awards ceremonies at the Waldorf-Astoria, New York‘s poor Boris Kachka got to look on (and get an invite) in horror as Christopher Hitchens gave party guests the opportunity to feel his freshly waxed genitals. One “high-ranking female Kirkus editor” took The Hitch up on the offer:

She didn’t see how she could turn down the opportunity. The Hitch unzipped his fly, we stood guard, and she reached in. We can’t personally vouch for what happened in there (and we’re ashamed to say we demurred when he offered us a grope), but the editor speculates that he’s been doing some post-article maintenance down there. “As smooth as summer cherries,” she said.

Christopher Hitchens: Apparently a genital waxer now and forever.