Christopher Dorner Manhunt Comes to KCRW Producer’s Front Yard

Beyond the craziness of this weekend’s Christopher Dorner false sighting at a Lowe’s in Northridge, there is the Adams Hill neighborhood of KCRW associate news producer Darrell Satzman.

As he reported this morning, he now has LAPD officers camped out in his southeast Glendale front yard:

As it happens, one of the police officers Dorner called out by name in his online manifesto lives just a few doors down. The detective and officer on my patio were part of a larger contingent of police dispersed around the neighborhood to guard his house.

They decided to use my patio as a lookout point because it offers a clear vantage of three streets leading to the officer’s home. They agreed to talk to me, but they didn’t want their names to be used.

The first few reader comments call out Satzman for allowing LAPD officers to take over his patio. But what exactly are the rules in this case? We’ve reached out to an LAPD spokesperson and will update if-when we hear back.