Nicolas Cage’s Brother Happy to Be Known as ‘The DigiVangelist’

North Hollywood based freelance writer Jeff Favre profiles Christopher Coppola, nephew of Francis Ford and brother of Nicolas Cage, for The Daily Breeze. Just like his subject’s famous leading man sibling, Coppola now has his own alias – “The DigiVangelist” – coined for him by’s Xeni Jardin.

It’s such a good handle that it has also led to a same-named TV show on cable channel Reelz, in which he showcases the latest tools for a street-level digital entertainment revolution. You can catch the next episode tomorrow, Saturday December 4th, at 9:30 a.m. PT.

Writes Favre:

Coppola compares the current digital age to the silent-movie era, when everything was new, and experimentation and risk-taking were the norm. “This is an exciting time,” he explained. “This is uncharted territory. There are so many voices out there, and they won’t be easily controlled by big business.”

Coppola also runs Project Accessible Hollywood (PAH), a traveling new media festival. Kudos to Christopher R. for helping solidify the other end of the film industry equation.