Daily Caller Called ‘Most Unethical’ Publication After Editor Sends ‘Dick Pic’

Media people receive vast amounts of emails everyday. Many are useless story pitches and press releases from undiscriminating publicists. Daily Caller Associate Editor Christopher Bedford is the type to sometimes reply to those emails, even if it’s just to send “a Dick pic.”

The Raw Story reported Monday on what has become a seriously entertaining, if undoubtedly immature, conflict between The DC and The Secular Coalition for America, a pro-atheist non-profit based in Washington. When Bedford has received past emails from SCA’s spokeswoman Lauren Anderson Youngblood, he has responded to them with smart-ass comments, such as “It’s nice out. Take a day off from hating God, kids and babies” and “Here’s a Dick pic,” with a photo of former Vice President Dick Cheney attached.

“Imagine this,” Beford told FishbowlDC, “A conservative columnist is just trying to cut out of town early on a Friday afternoon to enjoy the sunshine and he receives an unsolicited pro-abortion email touting science as god. Skipping over thinking a sunny Friday afternoon is a good time to send a press release, one single ounce of research on her end (beyond fishing my email out of somewhere) would have shown that I’m completely uninterested in their dumbass opinions.”

SCA responded to Bedford’s emails by…

sending out a release naming The DC the “most unethical news publication.” Youngblood complained to Raw Story that The DC‘s “behavior is the epitome of unprofessional and no matter how any journalist feels personally about our position on church/state separation, religion, science, or anything else, every professional reporter should agree that this behavior is not befitting of the profession.”

Asked about his religious convictions, Bedford told FBDC, “While I do my best to make it to mass and say sorry for my antics (I have a fondness for whiskey, tobacco, red meat and joking on flacks) every Sunday, my religion doesn’t have anything to do with this.” He added, “I think some folks need to get a sense of humor before they get that good religion. … Some of my favorite flacks in the world worked for CurrentTV and work for Code Pink — they send me their dumbass opinions, I poke fun and they give it right back.”

The best part of the whole ordeal was when The DC called Youngblood to inquire about their new name as “most unethical news publication.” Youngblood she was asked during the call why she opened the “Dick pic” email. She told The DC that the question was similar to “blaming the victim.”

The whole thing has apparently been brushed to the side. “While I understand that many people have strong emotional reactions to the Bush Administration,” DC Editor-in-Chief Tucker Carlson told Raw Story, “it’s hard to see why there’s anything discriminatory or unethical about sending someone a picture of Dick Cheney.”