Christo and Jeanne-Claude: Irony Free

Christo and Jeanne-Claude: Irony Free

Gates_004_small_2.jpgThe Christo Backlash continues apace. I received this amusing link over IM today: The Somerville Gates. From that site:

Often Hargo’s The Somerville Gates has been compared with Christo’s The Gates, Central Park, New York City. These comparisons have been unfair; sometimes the media has exaggerated – even lied – about the similarities.

Also, in case their corrections page, which I posted about earlier this week, is not sufficient evidence to you that Christo and Jeanne-Claude completely lack a sense of humor or irony about their work, allow me to direct you to Dana Vachon’s hilarious Q+A with the duo. A sampling after the jump…

DV: You’ve worked in the West Coast. Now you work on the East Coast. Do you consider yourself to be primarily West Coast wrappers or East Coast wrappers?

JC: Okay. First, we have never wrapped anything on the West Coast. The Running Fence had nothing to do with wrapping. In the Midwest, The Valley Curtain had nothing to do with wrapping. The Umbrellas had nothing to do with wrapping. You understand this? Surrounded Islands had nothing to do with wrapping.

C: You see very well that the islands, the fabric was floating on the surface of the water.

DV: So, you wrap when you want to wrap; otherwise it’s freestyle.

C: Of course! Of course!

DV: Interesting. Jay-Z is another artist who matters a lot today. He is a famous rapper in New York. But he said, “I’m going to leave rapping behind.” Have you ever had that impulse?

JC: The last time in our life that we had a wish to wrap something was in 1975. 1975. Were you born then?

DV: I was not. I was perhaps in the womb…

(The full interview is in the current issue of Black Book.)