Christmas Spending Blues? Earn Some Cash This Holiday Season with iBotta

On the rare chance that you will have a free moment between Thanksgiving and Christmas, you might want to take a minute to earn some cash using iBotta’s branded rewards. It’s a great way to earn cash money straight to your Paypal account by just playing games or taking  in between the holiday’s hectic scramble. In fact, iBotta told us that the highest earning from a single user was approximately $65,000 USD. That’s definitely worth celebrating.

We first featured the app in August of this year, but since then iBotta has added some great new features like non-grocery cash rewards for restaurants like Burger King and Chili’s with alternative cash-out gift cards for merchants like Redbox or iTunes.

For a limited time, you can earn extra cash for referring friends to the app. We think it’s a great way to use loyalty cards  – the app maintains your privacy by never revealing your identity or personal number to brands. Just go to the app store to begin earning money.