10 Amazing Christmas Lights Displays On YouTube

One of the best parts about the holiday season is all the great Christmas lights displays. We've put together a list of 10 of the most amazing Christmas displays on YouTube.

One of the best parts about the holiday season is driving around the neighborhood to see all the great Christmas lights displays. Of course, all Christmas lights displays are not born equal and you can always tell which houses have just thrown up a few strings of lights haphazardly and which have put time, effort and (of course) love into their displays. We’ve put together a list of 10 of the most amazing Christmas displays on YouTube.

On a personal note, my absolute favorite part about Christmas is the lights. I have many fond memories of driving around not only my neighborhood but also surrounding neighborhoods looking for the best light displays. Now I live in Israel and, well, as you’ve probably guessed there aren’t a huge collection of amazing Christmas light displays around Tel Aviv. I was really excited to find out that I could go on my own virtual Christmas lights tour on the web. While watching a YouTube video isn’t nearly as impressive as seeing a massive, light-covered house in person, these videos still succeeded in getting me into the holiday spirit. I hope they’ll do the same for you!

Snowball Blaster – The Game

I was inspired to put this list together when I saw an awesome video of a lights display that is also a game, called ‘Snowball Blaster’. The objective of the game is to keep Santa’s sleigh from being knocked off the road by snowballs. Visitors to the house are invited to step into a “trainer sleigh” and use a controller to avoid the snowballs and get Santa through. How cool is this?

Christmas Light Hero

‘Snowball Blaster’ isn’t the first Christmas light game to hit YouTube. Last year the same guy who uploaded ‘Snowball Blaster’ uploaded a video of Guitar Hero in Christmas lights. The video has been viewed over 2 million times so far.

Christmas Lights Gone Wild

This is the most-viewed Christmas lights display video on YouTube with nearly 8 million views to date. The display is choreographed with Light-O-Rama to Trans-Siberian Orchestra’s ‘Wizards In Winter’. What do you think of it?

Frisco Christmas Lights: Wizards In Winter

You’ll recognize the song in this choreographed lights display from the video above. Personally I think the choreography (as well as the video quality) is a lot better than the previous clip. That’s probably why this video has views in the millions as well – 5.6 million to be exact.

Christmas Light Show – Amazing Grace Techno

Here’s another beautiful choreographed Christmas lights display. This one is set to the tune of a techno version of ‘Amazing Grace’. It’s been viewed over 2.3 million times.

Slayer Christmas Lights Lightorama 2009

You’d probably imagine that most Christmas lights displays would be set to wintery songs, like ‘Wizards in Winter’ above, or spiritual songs like ‘Amazing Grace’. But things get a little crazier when you give a Slayer fan a Light-O-Rama controller!

2007 – Trans-Siberian Orchestra – Christmas Eve In Sarajevo

Here’s another lights display choreographed to Trans-Siberian Orchestra. This one is set to the tune of ‘Christmas Eve in Sarajevo’.

Amazing Christmas Lights!!!

You’ll be shocked when you see the house in this video! It is probably the most beautiful Christmas lights display I’ve ever seen. It looks magical, like what I would imagine the candy house from Hansel and Gretel would have looked like if it had been made out of lights instead of candy. All I can say is, “Wow.”

Huge Christmas Light Display

These guys didn’t spare an inch of spare space when they plastered their entire house and lawn in Christmas lights. Can you imagine what their electricity bill must have been like?

Georgetown Christmas Lights

Hey Canadians! If you live anywhere near Ontario I suggest heading over to 14 Johnson Crescent in Georgetown to see the Lambert Family Lights. It looks like this family creates a massive, themed and choreographed lights display each year. I can’t imagine how exciting this must be for the Lambert kids, and how annoying it must be for the neighbors. Check out the videos below to see last year’s Pirates of the Caribbean display and this year’s Amazing Grace display.

BONUS: Coldplay – Christmas Lights

Since we’re on the theme of Christmas lights I couldn’t let you go without sharing Coldplay’s new music video with you for the song, ‘Christmas Lights’. While there aren’t a ton of actual Christmas lights in the video it’s still amazing and worth checking out. Happy holidays!