10 Amazing Christmas Gift Reactions To Put You In The Holiday Spirit

We've done our best to capture the joy (and sometimes the disappointment) of the Christmas morning gift-opening extravaganza with this list of ten great gift reactions on YouTube. I hope you got what you wanted for Christmas this year!

What’s your favorite part of the holidays? Mine is that excited feeling you get when it comes time to open presents – whether you are waiting to see the reaction of a loved one when they open your gift, or you are ripping the paper off a gift of your own, anxious to find out what’s inside. I’ve done my best to capture the joy (and sometimes the disappointment) of the Christmas morning gift-opening extravaganza with this list of ten great gift reactions on YouTube. I hope you got what you wanted for Christmas this year!


Lets start with one of the cutest, yet definitely disappointing, Christmas present reaction videos that’s being going viral this week. This kid is definitely not happy to be getting books for Christmas. “Books for Christmas?! What the heck is that?!”


The kid in the following video was much more satisfied when he opened his Christmas present to find none other than a “Nintendo Sixty-FOOOOOOOOOOR!!!!!!” This video is one of the most popular holiday YouTube videos of all time, with over 13 million views since it was uploaded in 2006.

50 kids happy to get a Nintendo Wii for Christmas

Nintendo 64 kid isn’t the only one who freaked out when he found a videogame console under the tree. Check out this compilation of kids freaking out after unwrapping a Nintendo Wii! All the kids have amazing responses. I especially like the second kid who comes to the conclusion that “Santa must be real, if they can’t find it in the stores then he must have made it! Santa rocks!”

Best Christmas Gift Reaction

And it isn’t only little kids that are getting excited when they get video game consoles for Christmas. This guy is super psyched when he finds out he got a PS3 for Christmas. He gets a couple of games first and then when he actually gets the PS3 he freaks out even more! I think the best thing that can be said about this video was written by YouTuber Luthanor in the comment below the video.

Best Christmas Reaction

Here’s one final video game Christmas reaction. This guy’s wife tricked him with a fake present of Jello, crumpled up paper and tomato paste first, so you can imagine how excited he was when he finally discovered that he had received an Xbox360.

The Kids Opening Their PS3 Christmas Morning

Oops, did I say that was the last video game Christmas reaction? Sorry guys, I lied. I promise that this is the last one, but I just couldn’t leave it out. Watch it and you’ll understand why.

The video was made for the kids’ “Baba and Grandpa”, who got them the PS3 for Christmas. Check out what the girl blurts out around 0:50. Not very lady-like, right? But the mom hardly takes notice because she’s too busy scolding her son for yelling, “I’m gonna shoot myself!” Merry Christmas Baba and Grandpa! You’ve sure got something to be proud of! I’m not sure, but this may be NSFW.

The Big Bang Theory – Penny’s Christmas gift to Sheldon

You know that terrible feeling you get when you open a present from a friend or loved one that far exceeds your expectations and all that you got them was…a fruitcake? In this funny clip from ‘The Big Bang Theory’, Sheldon prepares a selection of gifts for Penny so that he’ll have the perfect present for her no matter what she gives him. I’ve never seen this show before, but I think the clip expresses the way that a lot of us feel when it comes time to exchange gifts. Embedding has been disabled for this video so click here to watch.

Christmas Present Hannah Montana Tickets

This girl freaks out when she finds out she got Hannah Montana tickets for Christmas. This video is from a couple years ago. These days Miley Cyrus is too busy smoking bongs to play sold-out Hannah Montana tickets. But the look of pure excitement on this girl’s face just makes me smile.

Kids Getting a New Puppy on Christmas

And who wouldn’t want a puppy for Christmas? These kids are totally bummed out because they wanted a dog for Christmas more than anything in the whole world. When the box with the puppy shows up they are so happy. Yay for puppies!

Marissa Christmas Morning Pillow Pet

Not every kid needs something as exciting as a PS3 or a puppy to be excited on Christmas. This little girl is more than content with her turtle Pillow Pet. She is just too cute for words.

Have you ever gotten a present that you just couldn’t contain your excitement (or disappointment) about? We want to hear all about it!