Christmas Cards Spreading Like Wildfire On Facebook

If you’ve spent any time on Facebook over the past week, there’s a good chance that you’ve received or at least seen a christmas card on the wall of one of your friends. There are now countless applications on the Facebook platform which enable users to send Christmas cards and holiday wishes to their friends. One of the most popular applications we’ve seen is the Christmas Cards! application which now has over 13 million monthly users.

Back in February we published a guide to launching successful Facebook applications. One of the strategies we suggested at the time was holiday themed applications. Given the current holiday season, it’s not surprising to see holiday applications once again succeeding, however the volume of cards being sent around has been somewhat surprising.

Given that users can post directly to their friends’ walls, the holiday applications are growing virally. If you happen to be an application developer, now would be a good time to launch a holiday themed app, particularly one which enables users to post messages on their friends’ walls with greetings. It’s time to start launching “Happy New Year’s!” and “Happy Valentine’s Day!” applications.

If you want to try out some holiday themed applications, here are a few which are growing quickly: