Christmas App Downloads Are Growing Slower Than Ever

The season of gifting is also a rewarding holiday for app developers who often see major spikes in downloads of their work. This year, however, the tradition is slower than years past, indicating a market saturation of mobile devices. For mobile users, this could mean that they are knowledgeable with the app store and apps that they know and like; it’s no longer a season of exploration, but a time to acquire the well tested apps that are familiar and useful.

The statistics come from Flurry analytics, who emphasized that app downloads are still higher than ever this holiday season, despite a major growth of downloads compared to years past:

2013 was the biggest Christmas yet for mobile app downloads. As the chart below shows, overall app downloads increased by 11% on Christmas 2013 compared to Christmas 2012.  Over the same one year time span, there was a 25% increase in app downloads on an average December day. As the data illustrates, both the overall rate of year-on-year growth and the year-on-year Christmas growth have slowed considerably in the past year (from 97% and 90% respectively between 2011 and 2012).

Of the apps being downloaded, the best download performers were leisure apps – like games. photos, and entertainment. This fits with the vacation appeal of the holidays, when full bellies and new devices are used for relaxation not productivity.