Christina Aguilera Joins Twitter, Now Just 7 Million Followers Behind Britney Spears

Christina Aguilera (@TheRealXtina) has finally signed up to Twitter, and while she’s picked up some early traction, her arrival hasn’t exactly put Charlie Sheen in his place.

Aguilera currently stands at around 143,000 followers, and while this is certainly nothing to complain about, it’s a far cry from the impact Sheen made on the network, when he recruited three-quarters of a million fans in less than half a day, and has already breached Twitter’s top 50.

Different strokes? Maybe. But perhaps this early total reflects the wilderness period in which Aguilera finds her career, as she hasn’t been exactly lighting up the charts of late. One would imagine that if she had joined Twitter 2-3 years ago she would now be sitting comfortably amongst the platform’s most-followed users. Sure, she had more important things to worry about, but this was bad advice from her management. Especially as she could have benefited from all of that easy PR.

As it is (and perhaps more importantly), she’s given Britney Spears a 7-million fan head start, and Lady Gaga even more. And however you want to try to justify it, that’s got to hurt.