Christie’s Holds Its First Ever Design-Only Auction


Well today, September 8th, we can officially mark as the day that product design got its due and became not just “stuff” but “stuff that’s also art.” Christie’s, the auction house, is having its first ever design sale. “Design sale,” of course, meaning things made by hot shot designers, like Mark Newson, Maarten Baas, and Zaha Hadid. Everything is expected to be running at prices expected to be between $6,000 and somewhere close to $2 million, which isn’t too shabby at all. To check out all the goods, get out your credit card, and head over to Christie’s auction page for the big sale. And here’s a bit about Hadid’s inclusion from Art Daily:

Among the highlights is Zaha Hadid’s black Aqua table (estimate: $150,000-200,000), number 9 from the edition of 12. Its top, covered in a shallow layer of hard translucent silicone-gel, gives the table the appearance of a stunning and serene pool of black water.

So let that be an empowering lesson for all those of you making insane, water-like chairs in your garage. When your mom yells at you, “Who is going to buy those?! You can’t even sit on them! Why don’t you get a real job, like your brother?!” now you can feel more confident in your decision.