Christian Bale Still Loves That Old Pickup Truck

The revelation stopped interviewer Jen Yamato dead in her tracks.

The headline for The Daily Beast West Coast entertainment reporter Jen Yamato’s latest celebrity interview reads: “Christian Bale on Hollywood Hedonism and Chris Rock’s Divisive Oscars.” Sure enough, there’s good stuff at the top about both those topics, including a playful delineation by Bale of how the proximate progression of his Academy Awards tickets has mirrored the trajectory of his acting career. This year, the A-lister made it to row A.

But it’s towards the end of the piece that Bale drops the unexpected, extra interview gift. After sharing some insight about his reclusive Knight of Cups director Terrence Malick, the actor stuns Yamato with a casual mention of the kind of vehicle he drives:

Wait, what?

Yes, indeed: Christian Bale, Oscar-winning A-lister, gravel-voiced Batman to a generation of Chris Nolanites, still drives his beloved pickup truck all over L.A.

“I love motorcycles so I put them in the back of the truck,” he smiles. “It’s practical and all my friends need it for moving stuff! Once you have a pickup truck, you don’t go back to anything else. And also I don’t give a crap if it gets scratched, no one wants to steal it, no one thinks there’s anything of value in it. I bought it second-hand and I’ve had it for 13 years!”

We love the idea of Bale helping friends move. If those folks are anywhere near the career stage that Bale is, we’re guessing it requires more than one A-to-B trip pickup trip.

The interview ends with some vivid color from Bale on how his impression of Los Angeles has evolved over the years. Read those thoughts here.

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