Chris Wragge Takes WCBS Viewers on Snowy Ride in Mobile 2

Chris Wragge trudging through unplowed roads.

Chris Wragge earlier this week was nominated for several more New York Emmy Awards. But the WCBS/WLNY anchor should win a trophy for his snow reporting this morning.

Wragge, who anchored this TV 10/55 newscast last night with Dana Tyler, was on the road for the extensive Channel 2 blizzard coverage starting at 6 a.m. Reporters joined Maurice DuBois and Kristine Johnson who guided viewers throughout the tri-state, especially hard-hit Long Island.

As for Wragge, he took to Mobile 2. He was seen driving on the desolate Long Island Expressway with nothing but abandoned cars to greet him. Since his full-time return to WCBS in 2011, Wragge has been a regular in Mobile 2 when weather conditions deteriorate, and the worse it gets, the more Wragge shines.

“I am fortunate CBS2 trusts me to use this vehicle to not only bring you pictures no one else can, but most importantly it allows me to stay on the ‘front lines’ with people affect most by events like Irene, Sandy, or those massive snow storms,” Wragge tells FishbowlNY from Mobile 2. “We want our viewers to know, ‘If you’re in it, we’re right there with you.'”

Once Wragge got out of the car, he looked like a war correspondent. Wragge walked on a Yaphank exit ramp of the L.I.E. with the snow up to his knees.

“This is the LIE,” Wragge told viewers. “I know it doesn’t really look like it, but every lane of this road on both sides [is] covered in snow.”

Describing the sheer seriousness of the situation took a momentary backseat when Johnson questioned his choice of headgear for not wearing the WCBS sanctioned baseball cap.

“When that wind comes blazing through, I’m sorry I had to take one for the team,” Wragge joked on the air. “I figured I’d get in trouble, but you know what I was going to protect my ears. I’m going to be out here for about another five, six hours. I’ll take that slap on the wrist.”