Chris Rock Has a Message for Guardian Journalists

Comedian riffs about his latest interview surroundings.

PrintFadePicGuardian features writer Hadley Freeman starts off her profile of Chris Rock with some words of admiration about how he travels without the usual celebrity entourage. The comedian, in turn, delivers a message for her colleagues at the Guardian US New York office:

While the photographer takes his picture, Rock takes on the performative role so natural to a stand-up, crowing about the journalists working around us: “Someone needs to tell these guys print is dead. Dead!”

Ha ha. Rosario Dawson’s NYT reporter character in Top Five, Chelsea Brown, would probably not be too happy to hear that, if she could. Or, at the very least, she might correct “dead” to “dying.”

As the flurry of interviews Rock did with the Times, The Hollywood Reporter and other outlets at the time of Top Five’s initial theatrical reminded, the comedian is a great interview. His Guardian conversation, timed to coincide with Friday’s UK theatrical release of Top Five, is once again enlightening and entertaining. Among other things, Rock reconfirms that he has no issues or false expectations when it comes to the M.O. of producer Scott Rudin.
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