‘Are You There, Ghost?’ It’s Me, Moody

It’s highly recommended that Chris Moody not quit his job as a reporter for Yahoo! News to pursue a career as a psychic medium. He’s terrible at channeling the dead.

Moody went on assignment in Lebanon, Ohio, on Monday for an overnight visit to the Golden Lamb Inn. It’s the oldest hotel in the state and owned by the family of potential VP pick Sen. Rob Portman (R-Ohio).

Much of the staff at the Inn believe the place is haunted. At least three guests have died there, according to the story Moody wrote on his stay. One of the ghosts who supposedly haunts the place is a little girl who wears a nightgown. Yes, this is the plot of every Are You Afraid of the Dark? episode but Moody’s got the pictures to prove this place exists.

With the balls of a bull, Moody chose to sleep in the room the girl is said to have once slept in. Despite a warning from a real live ghost hunter who cautioned him against communicating with poltergeists, he tried speaking with her.

How it happened, according to Moody’s story:

Taking a cue from the ghost hunting shows on TV, I try to build up the courage to verbally invite one of the ghosts to talk to me.

“Are you there, ghost?” I clumsily mutter into the darkness.

Several moments pass. Nothing.

Earlier, I had watched YouTube videos of paranormal enthusiasts in the exact same spot I am now, saying much of the exact same things. They claimed that the spirits responded, but I don’t hear anything now.

“What’s your name?” I say. “Would you like to talk?”

If this were a horror movie…this is the part where the ghost might appear and possibly kill Moody after he shit himself. But that didn’t happen. Aside from some random thumping from the attic above, Moody heard nothing the whole night.

We’re told: Moody left the hotel Tuesday and accidentally took his key with him. He ended up handing it off to Portman himself at a campaign event. Later that same day, Moody followed Portman to an office where Portman would be making campaign calls for Mitt Romney. Not realizing Moody was there, Portman started telling the other journalists in attendance about a certain paranormal-seeking reporter who stayed at his family hotel. In the middle of the story, he recognized Moody in the crowd.

“Oh. Hi, there,” Portman said.