On His Birthday, Yahoo! News’ Chris Moody Bumps Hot Dogs With Paul Ryan

Where to begin in Chris Moody’s story about how he celebrated his birthday over a hot dog with Republican Vice Presidential Candidate Paul Ryan? There’s so much.

Thursday marked Moody’s 27th birthday (we told him he doesn’t look a day older than 32). The Yahoo! News reporter, along with other journos, spent the day following Ryan as he campaigned through Ohio. For lunch, Ryan and his team stopped at a hot dog shop where campaign aides tipped Ryan off that it was Moody’s birthday.

What follows is an excerpt from Moody’s account of what went down. (Heads up: the story has more “I”s than a spider wearing glasses. In other words, it reads like a typical post by Mediaite‘s Tommy Christopher.)

I walked into the restaurant seconds later, and was startled to see Ryan directly in front of me. Several cameras surrounded him and were trained directly on us.

My initial reaction in situations like this is to get the hell out of my colleagues’ camera shot, but Ryan pointed at me and said to step up to the counter with him.

“Moody!” he said. “Hey, what do you want?”

“Oh, that’s OK,” I said, headlines like REPORTER SWOONS FOR $3 HOT DOG flashing through my mind.

“You need a hot dog,” he said. …

“I’m a little embarrassed,” I said, feeling my pockets. “I left my wallet in the bus.”

Ryan paid for Moody’s hot dog and the two sat at a booth. Despite the nice gesture, Moody was on his A-game. He took the opportunity to ask Ryan about the difference between President Obama’s proposed cuts to medicare versus his own.

A true professional.

Moody concludes with possibly the best line ever written: “We bumped dogs and chowed down.”