Chris Matthews Not Such a Fan of How the NYT’s Plays Hardball

chrismat.pngYou may recall that a while back the New York Times Magazine ran a big profile on Chris Matthews. It was the one where they called him a “whip-tongued, name-dropping, self-promoting wise guy” and wondered whether he was “a man trapped in a tired caricature.” There was also this little gem about his bumping into actress Kerry Washington in a hotel bar:

He paused. He seemed actually to be considering what he was about to say. He might even have been editing himself, which is anything but a natural act for him. He was grimacing. I imagined a little superego hamster racing against a speeding treadmill inside Matthews’s skull, until the superego hamster was overrun and the pause ended.
Well, perhaps not surprisingly, Matthews did not likey so much. According to Howell Raines’s most recent column over at Portfolio, Matthews refers to it as “that fucking article,” despite assurances from Andrea Mitchell that “it wasn’t that bad.” Says Raines: “no creature in the universe is more fragile than a cable celeb who has just been mugged in print.”