Chris Matthews Interrupts His Own Introduction

Patience isn’t exactly a virtue with MSNBC “Hardball” Host Chris Matthews. It’s more like a miracle. Today at a D.C. Chamber of Commerce holiday lunch at the Capitol Hilton, the poor employee from D.C. Water giving his introduction went on a little too long. Matthews, the featured speaker, couldn’t take it and finally erupted over the packed ballroom, “Are you finally gonna get to me?” The employee replied, “Watch it, I’m gonna get your water cut off.”

The audience laughed.

Technically speaking, D.C. can’t shut Matthews’s water off because the host lives in Maryland. Blogger and TV host Carol Joynt was on hand today, comparing today’s engagement with her own interview last Thursday in the Q & A Cafe. She said the audience “loved him,” and remarked that he was a “different Chris” from last week. Read her take here.