Fish Food

(A Sprinkling of Things we Think you Ought to Know…)
Daily Caller Wins for Best Headline – A man in Louisiana alleges that he spotted former GOP Presidential candidate Herman Cain filming a sex tape in the bathroom of a Pizza Hut with Kim Kardashian. That’s not even the craziest part of the story. The Daily Caller reports that the man is looking for a restraining order against the former pizza man alleging that when Cain was recognized doing the deed with Kim K, he “pelted him with breadsticks, and the reality star hit him in the face with a pan pizza “straight out of the [o]ven.” The Daily Caller shoots the story down with their headline, “Herman Cain probably did not make a sex tape with Kim Kardashian in a Pizza Hut restroom.” Well, damn. I had a whole stockpile of possible movie titles if they were making a skin flick. “Meat Lovers“, “Make My Breadstick Rise” and “Did You Put Anchovies on This?
Buzzfeed Reaches Parody LevelMcSweeney’s has put out a list of “SUGGESTED BUZZFEED ARTICLES” in a piece that does an impressive job of capturing the essence of Buzzfeed. Some of our favorite ideas include:

  • The 100 Filthiest Bathrooms in Philadelphia
  • 6 Pics of Matt Lauer Swinging at a Cop
  • 12 Movie Plots Involving Trash Compactors (Sponsored)
  • 10 Peaches That Resemble Pat Sajak

Not to be outdone, Buzzfeed ACTUALLY did a post entitled, 10 Peaches That Resemble Pat Sajack. Which made me think of a new suggested Buzzfeed article:  “9 Lists of Suggested Buzzfeed Articles that Buzzfeed will most likely parody.” Have one you’d like to submit? Write us at or
Chris Matthews Should See A Doctor About that Tingle – The open adulation of Chris Matthews for POTUS continues to be an issue for the newsman. He recently said that Obama was the “perfect Father, the perfect Husband, the perfect American.” Naturally, Twitter had a field day with this and reacted. Twitchy gathered up some of the best reactions. Our personal favorite is @LibertyLetters, who writes that Matthews must have “The Mount Vesuvius of leg thrills.”